It ain’t easy being Zucker all day. It’s even harder at night, but creating art at midnight out of my angst has helped.  And now you, too, can be overwhelmed by me and experience catharsis with a click of a button. Just as easily, you can make me virtually cease to exist; for that relief alone, you should thank me. In the meanwhile, thank you for visiting.

Few of the creations on this blog are finished, but I figured I’d just throw them out into cyberspace for others to enjoy or ridicule at will. Try a few; leave a comment if anything tickles you or may be worth my working on further. I have much more in my archives and mind, which will slowly trickle out over time…

So you don’t have to scroll endlessly in Writing, click on links from Recent Posts listed on this page to check out writings one at a time, which include all original lyrics from songs so you can read while you listen. Click on links from Music or on the songs listed below to access the page with my songs, but then you will have to scroll down to get click on them individually. Click on the Art page to scroll through a gallery of drawings. Click on the Sculptures page to scroll through a gallery of photographs of sculptures. Click on Video to see slideshows for now; movies are coming! Enjoy!

Try me:


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