That’s You (song lyrics)

I lost myself when I found the one (that’s you, that was you)

Caught in orbit by a sinking sun (that’s you, that was you)

I stood transfixed by a ticking bomb (that’s you, that was you)

That blew me all the way to kingdom come (that’s you, that was …)


My friends all told me but I could not hear

Above the banshee wailing in my ear

Who soon would strip me of all I hold dear

Leave me clutching nothing but my fear (that’s you, that was you)


A certain someone’s at my door again (that’s you, that was you)

Seeking to penetrate that mortal vein (that’s you, that was you)

Still believing there’d be more to gain (that’s you, that was you)

After not a shred of hope remained (that’s you, that was you)


Your knocking synchronizes with my pulse

Spins my bearings out from true to false

Strike the band up for our funeral waltz

Die to the rhythm of that, ahem, something else


Opened an oyster searching for a pearl (that’s you, that was you)

I found the grain of sand inside the girl (that’s you, that was you)

I cried an ocean and I lost the earth (that’s you, that was you)

I died alone and I cursed the birth (that’s you, that was you)


You cut my heart out from its broken shell

You shut the light out when you tolled my bell

Till I had nothing but my soul to sell

Leave me ridinʼ down the road to hell (that’s you, that was you)

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