Sir, Nothing to Report, Sir (poem)

I was determined

To strive for fulfillment

Of my mission

with unredoubtable

sincerity and



My efforts

could only be regarded

as utterly diligent

yet they proved

to be truly





my resolve

I was unable


to grasp the gold ring

so to speak

that we desired


It cannot be said

that our endeavor

was ill-intentioned

or simply

utterly misguided

engaged in

as it was

with probity and


of purpose




in fact

events have transpired

which have rendered

all the intelligence gathered



The various peoples of my acquaintance


I feel

essential to the pursuit

of our mission

and I feel none the less so

even given the final



of this project



in pursuit of

precious intelligence

I may have seemed

to some reckless

but I can assure you

and all I have encountered will attest

that I did not let the

ultimate goal of our undertaking force me

to treat others with



In truth

I am left

perhaps most distraught

not by the futility of our mission

but that the very nature of our mission

prevents me from continuing our acquaintance

thus I shall never have the opportunity

to find the language

to express the truth

and rejoice together to realize

the commonality

of our mission

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