Just Stop (monologue)

(grieving father enters room to see two sons reading the newspaper)

What are you doing?.. What on earth do you think you’re doing?. Talking, smiling, reading the funny papers as if nothing has changed……How dare you? Have you forgotten? What’s the matter with you? Have you no humanity? No feelings? Are you just all dead inside? Don’t you remember what has happened to this family? You don’t care…… You’re just waiting for the next party as if nothing has happened, sitting there, reading inanities and giggling like the senseless, silly clowns you are…….Your mother is dead! Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Oh, life is just supposed to go on, like nothing has happened, because for you, nothing has…she was only your mother!.. She only birthed you and nursed you and lived and breathed her every moment to make your life possible and you’ve got nothing to do but sit there and plan your next party! Life must go on, life must go on, yes, yes, for the unfeeling, for those only interested in themselves and their tiny little lives and their idiotic bourgeois concerns!…. Have you called anyone today? Have you made any plans? Well, you’d better, and quick, before you’re forced by what’s left of your conscience to consider what has happened here!…. She was alive and laughing with us, always laughing, making light of the infinite slights you unfeeling bastards heaped upon her day after day, “They’ll grow, they’ll see”,  but you see nothing, you’re blinded by your own vanity, your giddy, silly little lives, your fancy little friends, the thousands of damning deceits that enclose you and leave you immune, inured, desensitized, dead to the reality of what’s going on…..She’s not the dead…..you are the dead ones! You are the ones who have left me alone, abandoned me, destitute and helpless, and now you have the nerve to sit there and patronize me with your eyes, your unfeeling, dead eyes that will not see what has happened…..Well, I won’t stand for it. I’m made of something better than that. I know what has happened, I know life can not and will not go on without her, not for me anyway, because I know that she was a person of value, of depth and wisdom that you cannot imagine. I can’t expect you to understand the beauty and meaning she brought into this house, the smiles and laughter that will never return, smiles of compassion and understanding, not the cold, callous cackling of you petty, ungrateful warts….. Oh, I know, you’re already planning to walk out of this house and leave all this behind! What a relief it will be to be free from caring, free from feelings, free from all connection to the past, striding forward with a shrug, ever onward into the future, without a thought for those who bore you.. And I’m boring you now…. There’s a joke for you;….. the only thing you children can understand….. Children!…. You are not her children…. Her children would understand what has happened here and show respect, instead of driving nails into the heart of her memory with your careless, thoughtless, flippant behavior!…. As if life could go on!…. Or should!… It should not!…. It has not!…. It will not!… Not for me anyway…..And while you are under my roof, I  beg of you, to scrape together an iota of feelings for the woman you owe your lives to, and just stop.

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