Ball and Chain  (Zucker)


The Work of the Teachers  (Irish folk tune, lyrics by Zucker)

Graceful Exits  (Zucker)

Torn in Two (Zucker)

Tombstone Shadow  (Fogerty)

 You Kill Me  (Zucker)

That’s the Way (Zucker)

Here I Come (Zucker)

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry  (Williams)

All I Gotta Do  (Lennon)

I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know  (C. Null)

Pal o’ Mine  (Carter)

How Long Blues  (Carr)

I Got You  (Zucker)

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?  (King)

Rain  (Lennon)

Again  (Zucker)

Torn and Frayed  (Jagger-Richards)

Autumn Leaves  (Kosma)

Someday Never Comes  (Fogerty)

That’s You  (Zucker)

Santa Fe (Dylan)

Setting the Woods on Fire  (Williams)

Simply Nasty  (Zucker)

Blue Bossa (Dorham)

Engine 143, the FFD  (Carter)

Long Black Veil  (D. Dill)